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Life and business is all about Strategy.  Success is created when strategy is applied to any given situation.  Without strategies, we are all just wondering around hoping we will meet the right people, get the right education and find the right job.   When things go wrong, without a good strategy to recover, we could be derailed for months or even years.  Strategy Coaching is designed to help individuals look at the full scope of their lives and develop skills and techniques for creating the most successful person possible.  We examine each individual’s life as a whole.  Since we know that no one person is defined strictly by what they do or how they spend their free time, it is important to develop a plan that synchronizes all aspects of one’s life to bring success to the whole.  

To that end we offer a variety of services that contribute to an individually prescibed plan designed to contribute to the success all aspects of the individual.   We know that by improving one area of our lives we can often positively affect another, and by so doing we can help our clients move forward, both personally and professionally.   

In short, Strategic Coaching is creating a plan for our clients to find total success in all areas of their lives or just the parts that need a little help.  I work with individuals or businesses to develop personal and business strategies that lead to success.  

We can help develop a strategy to help with:

  • Time and task management skills
  • Learning when to delegate projects
  • Goal setting and future planning either personally or professionally
  • Best use of space and space planning that keeps things organized
  • Identifying personal habits that present the biggest challenges to reaching your goals.
  • Life’s transitions; children leaving home, divorce, job change, starting a business, death of a significant family member.
  • Managing ADD or ADDHD symptoms that lower productivity and keep you from achieving at your best levels.
  • And much more.  

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